MCU: Fan casting 7 key X-Men if Henry Cavill plays Cyclops

With rumors suggesting Henry Cavill might soon be playing Cyclops, we're breaking down our picks for who should play the other key X-Men heroes in the MCU.

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Trevante Rhodes
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Trevante Rhodes as Bishop

With Cavill as Cyclops, smart money says the film should lean into the '90s animated series—having Bishop does that. More than that, he should be the big bad in a film that's focusing on the future of the X-Men. Casting Trevante Rhodes in the role is dang near perfect. He has a physical presence, and the acting range would suit the role of a complex, time-traveling anti-hero perfectly. Yes, you read that right.

In this storyline, Bishop emerges from the future as a misunderstood antagonist, his actions seemingly hostile as he disrupts the present to prevent a catastrophic future. His intimate knowledge of the X-Men’s destinies and vulnerabilities makes him a pain to deal with. His presence challenges the team in ways they've never experienced.

Imagine this film seeing the X-Men at a breaking point with leadership given the tension between Professor X and Cyclops. Bishop's interactions with the X-Men, particularly with the conflicted leaders, would force them to confront their own limitations and misunderstandings. His knowledge and actions, though seemingly villainous, gradually reveal his true intent — to save not only the future but also the unity and purpose of the X-Men themselves.

By introducing Bishop as this complex character, the film could explore themes MCU fans are used to, like the consequences of time and the gray areas of heroism. His role would challenge the X-Men physically, morally, and ideologically.