MCU: Fan casting 7 key X-Men if Henry Cavill plays Cyclops

With rumors suggesting Henry Cavill might soon be playing Cyclops, we're breaking down our picks for who should play the other key X-Men heroes in the MCU.

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Peyton Elizabeth Lee
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Peyton Elizabeth Lee as Jubilee

Another failure by Fox was Jubilee. In the MCU, however, the vibrant aspiring hero could serve as the light in the dark era of the X-Men. Who better than Peyton Elizabeth Lee to step into the shoes of our beloved Jubilee? It does have a ring to it. The Prom Pact actress has already shown she has a commanding screen presence with leading lady qualities. Why not have her play a role that bridges generations as the fresh face among weathered heroes?

Imagine Jubilee as a featured character in an X-Men film with an older cast. In this story, she'd be running away from someone trying to kill her. A mysterious figure (Bishop) who showed up out of nowhere forcing her to flee her old life. She doesn't know why she's being hunted but knows about the X-Men. Unfortunately, she stumbles into a team that differs from what she knew. These heroes are on the brink of breaking up, and her arrival is the beacon of hope the team needs.

Jubilee, with Lee's spirited portrayal, could be our guide through the complex world of the X-Men. She's the relatable teen with a twist; her powers could be used as a vivid metaphor for the light she brings.

Fans of the Fox animated series will flock to the movies for nostalgic purposes. While younger fans would get introduced to Jubilee in a way the Fox franchise failed. Her coming-of-age story could weave a bigger narrative about the lack of change that could cause tension between Professor X and Cyclops.