MCU: Fan casting 7 key X-Men if Henry Cavill plays Cyclops

With rumors suggesting Henry Cavill might soon be playing Cyclops, we're breaking down our picks for who should play the other key X-Men heroes in the MCU.

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Jamie Dornan
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Jamie Dornan as Gambit

Sorry, Channing Tatum, but Jamie Dornan as Gambit is best for business. This dude is an immensely talented actor who can even throw in a French accent, just see his Jimmy Kimmel appearance in 2016. The 50 Shades of Grey actor has continued to show why he's ideal for a role like Gambit, especially in his latest critically acclaimed film The Tourist, where he stars as The Man. A man wakes up in the Australian Outback with no recollection of who he is, and he must try to piece together his memory as merciless figures from his past pursue him. Talk about a role fit for Gambit.

In this version, Gambit would be an enigmatic figure in his own right as a member newly arrived, slowly trying to earn the trust of the group after running away from a dark past that he does not wish to speak or think about. He'd relate to Jubilee in that way, as he thought the X-Men could be his salvation, erasing his past sins.

In some ways, he's right, and he found solace in Rogue, a woman with whom he is falling in love. In this version, Gambit would play a smaller role, but there's a spinoff waiting to happen. More than that, his past can come back to haunt him in a future film, The Mutant Massacre.