Monarch: Legacy of Monsters episode 6 review: Terrifying Miracles

As Monarch: Legacy of Monsters inches towards its finale, it only gets more and more intense and we finally get what we wanted to see.
Monarch: Legacy of Monsters - ©2023 AppleTV
Monarch: Legacy of Monsters - ©2023 AppleTV /

The sixth installment of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters is a rollercoaster of emotion and intrigue just as much as the previous episodes but it also marks a pivotal point in the series. Also, it's the one episode that made me and kids absolutely lose our crap towards the end.

This new episode inches us closer to the season finale and masterfully blends the past and present, this time unraveling mysteries and deepening character arcs in a fascinating and suspenseful way. We get some answers, a few more questions, and a really awesome surprise.

Let's talk about the episode and what it means for our favorite dysfunctional trio and company.

SPOILER WARNING FOR THOSE WHO VENTURE PAST THIS SENTENCE - I will be talking about the episode in its entirety.

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters
Monarch: Legacy of Monsters - ©2023 AppleTV /

Let's get right down to it, shall we?

The plot thickens as Cate, Kentaro, and May are confronted with the shocking truth about May's betrayal while in the Algerian Desert. This revelation's weight is tangible and a pretty emotional hurt, setting a tone of betrayal and heartbreak. But then............. this is where my daughters and I were jumping up and down on the couch - we see Godzilla, not just once but TWICE!

Very unexpectantly, we not only see Godzilla but we also get to see that Kentaro and Cate's father, Hiroshi, is alive and well! And apparently chasing Godzilla.

Speaking of Godzilla, it's an amazing moment as we see him emerge from the desert, not caring about who or what he's trampling or destroying in true Zilla fashion. But the interesting revelation comes when he literally stares at the windows of Cate's soul - a.k.a. her eyes. He recognizes Cate from G-Day, adding a layer of supernatural wonder to the plot and continuously blending human emotion with colossal and fantastical elements.

Also, am I the only one screaming "KEIKO CHOSE THE WRONG GUY" every time I see her chemistry with Lee during their flashbacks? The romantic subplot between Lee and Keiko, while predictable, is executed with a sincerity that resonates and touches the viewers. Another moment that touched my heart was when Keiko and Lee both realized that Godzilla was, in fact, very much not dead after that little experimental bombing. This second surprise appearance of Godzilla, paired with the cool concept of a gamma radiation simulator, elevates the storyline and gives it even more depth and complexity.

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters
Monarch: Legacy of Monsters - ©2023 AppleTV /

Meanwhile, present-time (or as I like to call him, Old Lee) meets up with our main trio after a really fun meetup with the always badass Agent Duvall. I honestly love her, and Tim as well. Old Lee is much different than his younger version - he’s much more cunning, slightly but rightfully bitter, and pretty unapologetic. This only adds to the suspense as to what exactly happened between our three Monarch founders and how Keiko's rejection but love for Bill shapes him even after all this time.

As much as I loved this episode, it is not without its very tiny flaws. The slow start might test the patience of some viewers, but the payoff is undeniably rewarding. The introduction of Dr. Suzuki was great for the flashbacks, though the hinted but unexplored connection to Monster Island feels like a missed opportunity.

In the present-day storyline, the character dynamics shine, with each interaction adding layers upon layers to the already rich narrative tapestry. The ideological conflicts within Monarch are thought-provoking, and Godzilla's unexpected appearance raises intriguing questions about the MonsterVerse canon and the future of the series.

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters
Monarch: Legacy of Monsters - ©2023 AppleTV /

"Terrifying Miracles" is a finely crafted episode, much like the previous five entries, that balances action, drama, and mystery. It sets the stage for the remainder of the season with a promise of more thrilling developments and character explorations.

What do you think will happen next?

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