10 most disliked WWE superstars, ranked

From villainous heels to poorly-booked faces, which WWE superstars have been the company's most hated over the years?
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Roman Reigns
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1. Roman Reigns

If you're watching WWE in 2024, you'll know that Roman Reigns is the top heel in the company. The fans in the arena boo him as loud as they possibly can and roll their eyes whenever he cheats to win another match. But they love to hate him, and Roman is so, so good at feeding off that hatred. That's what you call a successful heel.

That alone may have been enough to earn the Tribal Chief a place on this list, but it isn't what propelled him to the top of it. See, Roman has been on both sides of the disliked spectrum. He's on the right side of it now, but for much of his career (between 2014 and 2020), he was on the wrong side.

WWE's incessant desire to make Reigns the new face of the company saw him receive the John Cena treatment, so he was pushed to the forefront of major storyline after major storyline, handed championship after championship, and presented with opportunity after opportunity, all within the space of a few short years. It wasn't having the desired effect, with audiences cheering for the bad guys and loudly booing Roman in almost every storyline he was involved in.

The real slap in the face came when the company had him defeat The Undertaker at WrestleMania. It was a terrible idea because it meant that the most hated WWE superstar of today defeated the most beloved WWE superstar of all time. What was that going to accomplish other than making audiences hated him even more (which it did)? It was also a huge misfire because the company insisted on keeping him as a good guy, failing to capitalize on the heat they unwittingly generated.

Three years later, they finally took the risk and turned Roman heel. It was the greatest thing to ever happen to the character and he hasn't looked back since. If only they had done it sooner, we all could have been saved from those endless years of operation "make Roman look strong".

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