10 most disliked WWE superstars, ranked

From villainous heels to poorly-booked faces, which WWE superstars have been the company's most hated over the years?

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WWE, Batista
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10. Batista (2014 only)

Batista was one of the most popular WWE stars of his era, competing in career-defining matches against The Undertaker, Edge, Triple H, John Cena, and more. He was The Animal, one of Raw's fastest-rising stars and SmackDown's top faces. He was even a convincing heel towards the end of that run. When he made a triumphant comeback in 2014, it all went horribly wrong.

The Animal was returning as a major face; a star attraction whose comeback was advertised before the Royal Rumble. But he was a victim of poor timing and planning on behalf of the company, as the audience was expecting the beloved Daniel Bryan to appear in the Rumble and win it. When Batista returned and won, fans caught onto what WWE were doing and the arena descended into boos; officially ruining his triumphant return.

From there, an army of boos followed Batista wherever he went, with the internet branding him "Bootista". WWE tried to whether that storm at first until they finally caved to the fans' demands, turning Batista heel to justify the boos and inserting Daniel Bryan into the main event picture at WrestleMania.

Batista's run was decent all in all as it did result in a WrestleMania main event slot and an epic Evolution reunion, but "Bootista" was not the heroic comeback that everyone was anticipating. Unfortunately for Dave, it was just a case of wrong place, wrong time, because anyone who prevented Bryan from that main event match at 'Mania would have drawn the same ire.