10 most disliked WWE superstars, ranked

From villainous heels to poorly-booked faces, which WWE superstars have been the company's most hated over the years?

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Edge, WWE
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6. Edge

Edge had already crafted a great career for himself as a top tag team heel by the time the mid-2000s rolled around, but he reached a whole new level of villainy excellence when he went solo. Excuse the pun, but he quickly became one of WWE's most "edgy" superstars, pushing the boundaries of what should have been allowed on TV and aptly calling himself the Rated-R Superstar.

All the major good guys of both Raw and SmackDown were targeted by him at some point, and that naturally made fans hate him. The moment that he cashed in his Money In The Bank briefcase on John Cena and stole the WWE Championship was one thing, but when he did it again two years later on The Undertaker, stealing The Phenom's World Heavyweight Championship, he peaked.

Edge's feud with 'Taker is widely regarded as one of the best in WWE history and pitting one of the company's moth loathsome superstars against its most beloved was an absolute touch of genius that elevated the Rated-R Superstar's career beyond belief, as he became a thorn in The Deadman's side in a way that no other superstar ever had.

He was nicknamed The Ultimate Opportunist for a reason; and it's bdcause he was a damn good one at that. Edge was arrogant, cocky, egotistical, cowardly, odious, and evil at times, but it all went a long way in crafting one of the greatest villains in WWE history. Adam Copeland was so good at playing bad, and he was in his absolute element as Edge during the character's glory days.

We loved to hate him, but we loved the work he put in to make us feel that way even more.