15 most popular horror movies of 2023 ranked worst to best

A long list of highly-anticipated horror movies were released in 2023, but unfortunately, not all of them were great.
Ghostface in Paramount Pictures and Spyglass Media Group's "Scream VI."
Ghostface in Paramount Pictures and Spyglass Media Group's "Scream VI." /
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12. Evil Dead Rise

Evil Dead Rise
Evil Dead Rise, Warner Bros. Production released April 21, 2023 /

My biggest horror movie hot take of this year is that Evil Dead Rise was a huge disappointment! Apparently people really loved this one, but I couldn't wait for it to end when I saw it in theaters. Written and directed by Lee Cronin, Evil Dead Rise is the fifth installment in the Evil Dead series, though it's meant to be a standalone story. I absolutely loved the 2013 Evil Dead (and the originals, of course) and was happy the franchise would be taking a darker tone again. But unfortunately, it all fell very flat for me.

This installment follows a family who accidentally summon Deadites in their Los Angeles apartment.

Not much about Evil Dead Rise feels fresh or exciting. Though it’s no doubt bloody, even that element is disappointing considering over 1,7000 gallons of fake blood were supposedly used during filming but it doesn't seem that way. There are a few good moments, but they don't come together well. Not only does this feel unoriginal, but I also wasn't entertained for most of the movie.

Maybe I was expecting too much from Evil Dead Rise.

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