Netflix has renewed Avatar: The Last Airbender for 2 more seasons.

Netflix adaptation of the Book of Water from the Avatar TV series wasn't enough? Fear not, since the books of Earth and Fire are also coming our way.

Avatar: The Last Airbender. Image courtesy Netflix
Avatar: The Last Airbender. Image courtesy Netflix /

The first season of Avatar: The Last Airbender premiered on Netflix on February 22, 2024, shattering many records and captivating viewers along the way. The series had an extraordinary 41.1 million views in its first eleven days of release, and it sits at the #1 spot in 76 countries along with being in the top 10 in 92 overall countries. With such jaw-dropping numbers, it doesn't come as a surprise Netflix has announced the series was renewed for a second and third season, bringing the quest of Aang, Katara, and Sokka to an end.

Netflix adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender is based on a TV series of the same name, which also had three seasons (or books) under its belt. They each represented one of the different elements that Aang needed to master, along with the nations he visited to do so, in his mission to save the world and put an end to the Fire Nation's reign.

The events of the Book of Water were already covered in the first season of the live-action series, and it appears the events of the Book of Earth and Fire will be adapted too (as made evident by the season's logos in the following promotional image released by Netflix).

Avatar: The Last Airbender. Image courtesy Netflix /

"The live-action reimagining of the beloved animated series will return with a second and third season to conclude the epic story as the four nations unite – Water. Earth. Fire. Air. – to bring The Legend of Aang to its proper conclusion."

Netflix's adaptation of the beloved TV series is faithful to its source material (except for a few key differences like Aang being able to fly without its glider, or Avatar Kyoshy being Aang's initial mentor as opposed to Avatar Roku). So even if we don't have an episode count or more details of what will happen in the upcoming seasons, that won't stop us from speculating.

Beloved Avatar characters might be coming our way

In the original show, Aang's search for an earthbender who could teach him to control said element leads him straight to Toph, a blind girl who is considered to be a prodigy in her craft. She uses vibrations in the earth around her to identify her surroundings and locate people (sometimes even to fight them, a la Daredevil).

Toph's first appearance was on episode 4 of Book Two: Earth, and she has been not only a key character ever since, but also a fan-favorite for anyone who watched the cartoon. And with the Netflix adaptation being so close to its source material, it would be shocking if Toph didn't make an appearance.

Not only that, but chances are we'll see how the Fire Nation attempts to destroy Ba Sing Se's wall with a giant drill in an adaptation of a personal favorite episode of the original show. And who knows? Maybe season two of the Netflix series will stop rushing through the main story and allow its characters to have diversions and some breathing room. Is it too much to ask for a live-action episode of The Tales of Ba Sing Se? Let's hope not.

The first season of Avatar: The Last Airbender is available on Netflix, and it contains 8 episodes about an hour long each.

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