Our first look at the Wolverine's cowl wouldn't seem to feature Hugh Jackman under the mask

Our very first look at Wolverine's cowl in Deadpool 3 is here, so why wouldn't it seem Hugh Jackman is the one wearing the mask?

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We're getting closer and closer to the premiere of Deadpool 3, the only MCU movie set to release this year. As time goes by, more details are emerging about Wolverine's and Deadpool's highly anticipated adventure, and this time is no different. Thanks to @CanWeGetToast via Twitter, we now have our first look at the (amazing) comic-book-accurate Wolverine's mask set to be featured in the film. But while that in itself is extremely exciting, there's also a strange twist that nobody saw coming.

If you look closely at the image, the man wearing the mask doesn't look like Hugh Jackman at all. So what happened here? Was there a big recast that we weren't aware of? Or is this image a simple proof-of-concept that was never intended to feature Hugh Jackman in the first place? Well, turns out there's a very simple explanation for what's going on. But before we dive into that, here's our first look at Wolverine's cowl in Deadpool 3:

Don't let the fact that the cowl looks taken straight out of the X-Men animated series distract you from who is the man behind the mask. Why doesn't it look like Hugh Jackman at all? Well, that's because this is only one-half of the image, but it's mirrored right at the center to look like a complete picture. That's why the text "Just wait until his sleeves are ripped off" appears reversed on the left side. More importantly, that's why the man behind the mask doesn't seem like the beloved Australian actor.

This isn't our first official look at the mask, since it wasn't Marvel themselves who released the image. As of now, we'll have to settle with a mirrored picture to have an idea of what Wolverine will look like when he eventually wears his cowl. But we're slowly getting closer to Deadpool 3's release date, meaning any day now we'll get an official trailer and a better look at both Marvel heroes in action. And whenever that happens, we'll break everything down here in Bam! Smack! Pow! So make sure to stick around for everything superhero-related!

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