PlayStation's 10 most influential video game characters, ranked

There are dozens of PlayStation-exclusive characters, but these ten helped revolutionize the gaming industry.
Marvel's Spider-Man 2 screenshot, Image courtesy Insomniac Games
Marvel's Spider-Man 2 screenshot, Image courtesy Insomniac Games /
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Sony’s PlayStation has been one of the premiere video game consoles for decades. Throughout the years, they’ve produced memorable characters. Crash Bandicoot, Sweet Tooth, and Aloy are among the most recognized faces in pop culture. Despite their recognition, they aren’t the most influential characters PlayStation has produced.

Don’t get me wrong, each of the characters mentioned helped make PlayStation iconic. Without them, they’d be miles behind Nintendo and Xbox. Nevertheless, their influence isn’t the best of them all.

This article will present the top ten most influential characters in PlayStation history. Some of them are linked directly to the console’s success. Others helped by being more than just video game characters. They became movies, TV shows, and so much more.

Keep in mind that because a game has become a show or movie, the game can be bigger than the characters. For example, there’s Resident Evil. People loved the games and some of the movies, but they’d be great if the characters were nameless.

Let's begin.

10. Jin Sakai

Video game: Ghost of Tsushima

"I am not your son. I am the Ghost." - Jin Sakai

Ghost of Tsushima is a masterpiece. The fighting mechanics are smooth and easy to learn, it’s visually stunning, and the story is flawless. There are also a plethora of different ways to slaughter your enemies. However, this is a case, that’s difficult to judge. Is it the game or the character that's more popular? That question will be answered after the Ghost of Tsushima's sequel. For now, Jin Sakai doesn’t make it past number 10.