PlayStation's 10 most influential video game characters, ranked

There are dozens of PlayStation-exclusive characters, but these ten helped revolutionize the gaming industry.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 screenshot, Image courtesy Insomniac Games
Marvel's Spider-Man 2 screenshot, Image courtesy Insomniac Games /
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5. Ellie

Video games: The Last of Us 1 and The Last of Us 2


"I Have To Finish It." - Ellie

People normally hate using side characters. Especially when they’re as good as Joel. It seems like a waste of time. Instead of annoyance, Ellie and her stories were received well. Both the main tale and the DLC (The Last of Us: Left Behind) helped continue the story. More importantly, it set the stage for the sequel. 

Gamers got to see who Ellie was and what she’d do without Joel by her side. Sure, there were moments when she helped. However, would she be well-liked as a stand-alone character? If there were too many complaints about Ellie, she may have been killed instead of Joel in The Last of Us 2. Instead, she became one of the most recognized characters PlayStation has ever created.

When people think of revenge they never factor in the consequences. For Ellie, she lost everything. After Joel’s death, she didn’t think things could get worse. She was mistaken. Going after Abby left her alone.

Ellie can do no wrong. People will see her go after Abby and justify everything she does. That includes abandoning her family for vengeance. There are probably people who think Dina was wrong for leaving. This proves that there isn’t a character more bulletproof than her. Not even the person at number one.