Every boss fight in Marvel's Spider-Man 2 ranked from worst to best

From huge reptiles to symbiotic aliens, there was no shortage of boss fights in Marvel's Spider-Man 2. So it's time to determine which one was the best.

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6.  Scream

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is a game filled with many twists and turns. However, few are as unexpected as fighting a symbiote-infected Mary Jane Watson taking on the mantle of Scream. Many players were able to predict Miles and Peter would battle against each other or the fact that Harry Osborn would be Venom. However, no one (and I really mean no one) saw this one coming.

We've already praised the dialog of previous bosses on this list, and this time is no different (seriously, props to the writing team at Insomniac). The discussion between Peter and M.J. that takes place while they fight each other is nothing but heartbreaking. M.J.'s deepest insecurities are brought to light in a twisted manner due to the symbiote, letting Peter know how she fears always coming second to Spider-Man.

Hearing Pete apologize for not making enough time for her or his day-to-day responsibilities while battling her was crushing, but it also made for a pretty deep boss battle. Besides, it perfectly sets up the ending where Peter gives up on the Spider-Man mantle for a while.

Scream is also the toughest boss until this point on the ranking list aside from Mr. Negative. Her hair attacks are really quick and can cause a lot of damage. If players don't react rapidly enough they'll surely need to replay the boss until they get used to the timing. Scream will also jump to high vantage points to perform ranged attacks, forcing Spider-Man to constantly cut the distance between them.

The final phase in Scream's boss fight also features destructible elements in the environment, making the encounter feel violent and raw. Speaking of which, players can also use the environment to their favor by activating car alarms to stun Scream or use Spidey's web to pull and drop construction equipment over her. Not only will players be focused on dodging M.J.'s attacks but also on their surroundings to look for any type of advantage.

Ultimately, Scream serves as a great example of how Insomniac stepped up its game (literally) when it comes to boss fights. However, while it has great shock value, it isn't as jaw-dropping or engaging as the following entries on this list.