3 reasons we need The Amazing Spider-Man 3 (and 2 reasons we don't)

The Amazing Spider-Man franchise ended before developing into a proper trilogy. It's time to explore the reasons why it needs another chapter under its belt (and why it doesn't).

'The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Rise Of Electro' Berlin Premiere
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Ever since Sam Raimi captivated audiences worldwide with the first ever Spider-Man live-action movie back in 2002, we've gotten three different versions of the wall-crawler on the big screen. These versions even crossed paths in No Way Home in what might be the MCU's best multiversal crossover to date.

But while each Spider-Man franchise has its set of strengths and weaknesses, The Amazing Spider-Man was the shortest-lived with only two films under its belt. The others got three entries each (and the possibility for more, in Tom Holland's case).

While there were many problems with Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man saga, it also got axed sooner than it deserved. It may not have been perfect, but there was enough room for more iconic stories to be told. Besides, ever since Andrew's appearance in No Way Home fans have been pushing for Sony to finish his solo trilogy of movies (which could prove to be a smart move).

So it's time to look at three reasons why we need The Amazing Spider-Man 3 to happen, and two reasons we don't.

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1. We need to see the fallout of Gwen's death

Yes, there were many problems with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 that resulted in the death of the franchise as a whole. However, there were also positives to be gathered from the movie, especially when it came to Gwen Stacy's death. This iconic story from comic books was brilliantly adapted to the big screen with a unique setting of its own. Unfortunately, this heartbreaking sequence also came near the end of the movie, meaning there was next to no time left to deal with its fallout.

Sure, we see how Peter leaves the Spider-Man mantle for a while before returning to save the world once again in the final moments of the movie. However, in No Way Home, we find out our friendly neighborhood hero did go through a more complex experience out-of-camera after Gwen's death. He went as far as to stop pulling his punches when fighting bad guys, and if this sounds like an interesting story... it's because it is. Whether The Amazing Spider-Man 3 takes place before or after the events of No Way Home, audiences should see how Peter dealt with such a heavy loss (even if it is through flashbacks).

Furthermore, Garfield's Peter also said he wanted to fight an alien. Well, just imagine for a moment that a rage-induced Peter Parker who's still mourning Gwen's death gets corrupted by the symbiote. It would make for a perfect Spider-Man arc, and Sony shouldn't let this opportunity go to waste. After all, they already have an established version of Venom roaming the streets of San Francisco, so it would be easy to just pair the two of them up. Speaking of which...