3 reasons we need The Amazing Spider-Man 3 (and 2 reasons we don't)

The Amazing Spider-Man franchise ended before developing into a proper trilogy. It's time to explore the reasons why it needs another chapter under its belt (and why it doesn't).

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2. We need connection with Sony's Spider-Man Universe

So far, there's a major problem in Sony's Cinematic Universe. The franchise of inter-connected movies featuring popular Spider-Man villains is well-known for lacking a... well, Spider-Man of its own. No Way Home makes it abundantly clear that Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock is from a dimension different from that of Holland's Peter Parker. That means an Amazing Spider-Man 3 film could be the perfect chance to tie the loose ends and make Garfield fight any member of the rogue gallery established in Sony's universe.

The Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, and Venom are considered to be the best Spider-Man villains ever created. However, while audiences have seen the Green Goblin in all three live-action Spider-Man franchises, and Doc Ock in two of them, there has only been one (not-so-great) movie where Venom fought our friendly neighborhood hero. Well, it's time to rectify that mistake.

While the MCU does its own thing with Holland's Peter Parker, Sony should use Garfield as the Spider-Man of its universe. And wouldn't you know it, but the perfect place to start is by making him face-off against Hardy's Venom in The Amazing Spider-Man 3.

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3. We need a closure to the saga

The Amazing Spider-Man franchise had an abrupt ending in the form of its second film. What's worse is that nobody knew that was going to be the final chapter in Garfield's story, meaning he wasn't gifted with a great send-off as opposed to Hugh Jackman's Wolverine or Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man.

While the British actor wasn't everybody's favorite version of the wall-crawler, his love for the character should earn him, at least, a proper farewell; one that can bring an end to his arc. For all we know, he'll probably return in Avengers: Secret Wars. But while that prospect is incredibly exciting, a crossover with many other characters would probably not be the perfect place to say goodbye to such an iconic character. A story as important as that is worthy of a movie of its own. And even if that doesn't occur in The Amazing Spider-Man 3 (as Sony could release more movies after that), we do need another entry in Garfield's saga for that to eventually come to be.

However, even if all of these are valid reasons as to why The Amazing Spider-Man 3 should be eventually released, it's time to examine why that isn't a priority for Marvel and Sony.