Review: Gunnar's Groot glasses are galactically gorgeous

Gunnar has a history of making blue-blocker glasses based off famous properties and characters, but the newest Groot ones put the other ones to shame.
Image taken by contributor Eric Halliday
Image taken by contributor Eric Halliday /

I've been working with Gunnar for a while now. When they first hit me up it was the perfect time. I had gotten my first LED screen and, mysteriously, started getting killer headaches every time I'd have a gaming session of over 30 minutes.

When I threw on my Spider-Man-themed Gunnars to test them, I found my headache was gone and the problem was that my eyes could not handle the brightness of my new screen.

Over time I did more work with them, covering glasses themed from everything from Marvel properties like Loki and Black Panther to properties like Fallout and I've become somewhat obsessed with watching how they take properties and convert them into glasses that one would actually want to wear.

When they offered to allow me to try out the Groot ones, however, I was worried. Groot is a massive, hulking, creature of bark. In a bizarre team like the Guardians of the Galaxy, he still manages to stick out in every scene based on just how crazy the character looks so I was a bit worried I'd be getting the kind of glasses that would give Elton John second thoughts.

Instead, what I got may very well be my favorite of all time. Not only do these things look ridiculously smart, they also have a crazy list of facts to come with them.

Firstly, if it looks like they're made out of wood, that's because they are! Made in sustainably harvested walnut wood it's then laminated to carbon fiber making it incredibly durable. It also comes with eco-friendly cleaning cloths, a pouch, and a glasses case.

They're also ridiculously comfortable thanks to their special spring hinges in the arms that allow it some flex that lightly hugs your head. If you stop gaming and look down at your phone you can do so with the knowledge that those boys aren't going anywhere.

If you're looking to get a pair of these baddies, the standard and sunglasses variety will set you back about $129 while prescription variants are $279 giving you a rare pair of prescription glasses that are ridiculously durable.

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