Rick Remender is behind a new superhero from Image Comics

Prolific Marvel writer and creator behind Deadly Class, Rick Remender, has a new superhero called Napalm Lullaby set to be published by Image Comics.

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The creator behind his Deadly Class is set to make another stamp in creator-owned works outside the Big Two with a superhero series for Image Comics. Rick Remender has written a “dystopian epic” titled Napalm Lullaby with art by the brilliant French native comic artist, Bengal.

Napalm Lullaby is part of a collaborative effort through a three-year exclusivity deal with Image and Remender’s production company, Giant Generator, to work on at least three new titles under the imprint with 12 high-profile artists signed under that banner.

Not much is known about the protagonist as you will have to read up on it when the first issue comes out on March 13. This is the first collaboration between Remender and Bengal since “Death or Glory” and a welcoming comeback into the superhero genre since Remender co-wrote with Fall Out Boy guitarist, musician, and novice TV scribe, Joe Trohman, and Andy Samberg on The Holy Roller with art by Roland Boschi. Napalm Lullaby No.1 solicits reads:

“The bestselling creative duo of Rick Remender and Bengal reteam for Napalm Lullaby: an all-new ongoing dystopian epic with a special double-length first issue!

A child with unimaginable power is raised to believe he is God by a cult of zealots utterly confident in the moral authority of their religion. The Magnificent Leader has imposed his will on humanity and created the ultimate theocracy. Join them, or be cast out to suffer with the masses.”

Although we are uncertain about the protagonist who is presumably going under the same name as the titular comics series, one thing is for sure whoever the superhero is, they have some challenges afoot, dealing with a self-obsessed cult and being proclaimed to be a living deity of the Almighty and the sect of fanatics who raised him.

Variant covers of Napalm Lullaby No.1 include artists from the likes of JG Jones, Yanick Paquette, Eric Powell, Jeff Dekal, Andrew Robinson, Davi Go, James Harren, and Daniel Warren Johnson. Discover the autocratic-inspired tale from the visual storyteller, producer, and artist that brought you solid runs from Marvel such as Captain America known for granting Falcon the mantle of Cap himself.