Rumor has it Marvel's next Disney+ show is coming in March 2024

It seems Marvel's next Disney+ original series might be coming sooner than many had anticipated.
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A visitor takes photos at Marvel Avengers movie character... / SOPA Images/GettyImages

Marvel Studios has always been known for keeping fans in the dark about its upcoming projects, but typically the veil of secrecy has been reserved for plotlines and casting choices. However, in more recent years, Marvel has been a bit more secretive about its release schedule as well, particularly when it comes to its Disney+ original slate.

Rather than announcing premiere dates well in advance when new projects are confirmed, Marvel Studios has instead been giving fans more generic windows for release such as "Spring" or "Late 2024." This has made it incredibly difficult for fans to know for certain when shows they're excited about might be coming outside a vague range of time.

This issue has become even worse this year. Beyond the premiere date for Echo which was announced in late 2023 and released on Disney+ on Jan. 9, Marvel Studios has not confirmed the premiere date for any other Disney+ original series coming in 2024.

Sure, we know three shows are coming this year with X-Men 97, Agatha: Coven of Chaos, and Spider-Man: Freshman Year all confirmed to be released, but Marvel Studios has failed to tell fans when the next show will be coming. Fortunately, there are insiders who help drop teases and it seems the latest suggests we'll be getting the next Marvel Studios show next month!

Rumor has it X-Men 97 could be coming in March 2024

Although Disney+ has not officially confirmed the release date for its upcoming animated revival, new reports circulating suggest X-Men 97 will be making its way to Disney+ sometime this March!

According to The Cosmic Circus, the highly anticipated 10-episode first season of X-Men 97 will be premiering on Disney+ sometime in mid-to-late March 2024, thus suggesting the season will kick off between March 15 and March 31. This window would align with Disney's promise that the show would be coming in early 2024 and it also means we won't have to wait too long for the next original Marvel Studios show to arrive!

Should the series arrive in March and be released weekly that would allow Disney+ to air new episodes through May, making it Marvel's Spring 2024 release. Summer would then go to Deadpool 3, while Agatha is slated for Fall 2024.

With the Super Bowl coming on Feb. 11, there is a chance Disney+ might finally confirm the premiere date for X-Men 97 with a spot during the big game. It's also possible we could see the date confirmed via social media. Either way, it seems like X-Men 97 could be coming soon and we're more than ready to have the X-Men back on our screens again!