RWBY: 11 strongest characters ranked from weakest to most powerful

In a show where kids wield insanely dangerous weapons and have incredibly unique powers, where do the best characters from RWBY fall?
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1. Salem

Behold - my favorite character from the RWBY series. I know you're all so surprised that a villain is my favorite, try to contain yourselves.

Salem stands out as the undisputed number one in terms of sheer strength, earning her the top spot among the strongest characters. But what makes Salem so extraordinarily powerful? Well, let's dive into it.

Firstly, Salem's immense strength is rooted in her unique origins and abilities. Unlike other characters in RWBY who rely on semblances or Dust, Salem's power comes from her deep connection with the dark, primordial forces of the RWBY universe. She's actually immortal, having been around for centuries, witnessing and influencing the course of history in Remnant.

This eternity has allowed her to accumulate vast knowledge and magical abilities that far surpass any other character. Imagine someone who can manipulate Grimm, the terrifying creatures of destruction, as if they were mere puppets. But why stop at manipulating them? Salem can also create Grimm from a pool or, as we see in season 8, from silver-eyed humans as well. Horrible, isn't it? Well, that's Salem for you! She's absolutely horrible. Her command over dark forces is so absolute that it sends shivers down the spines of even the bravest hunters and huntresses. The writers of RWBY should take a bow for creating a baddie that is legitimately terrifying.

But Salem's strength isn't just about raw power - it's also about her cunning and strategic mind. She's not just a force of destruction: she's a mastermind, orchestrating complex plans and schemes that have shaped and reshaped the events we see in RWBY. Her intelligence and insanely manipulative skills are as formidable as her magical prowess. She's always ten steps ahead, making her not only physically overpowering but also intellectually unmatched. When Salem enters the scene, it's not just her magical might that her enemies fear, but also her ability to outthink and outmaneuver them. In a world where strength can mean so many things, Salem embodies them all, making her not just a force to be reckoned with, but the epitome of power in the RWBY universe. She can literally destroy anyone and anything by simply standing there. That's terrifyingly powerful.

As we sit with bated breath and await any kind of news for an upcoming 10th season of this fantastic show, don't forget you can always go back on Crunchyroll and binge all 9 seasons for your heart's desire - as well as watch other movies and mini-series inspired by the main one.

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