RWBY: 11 strongest characters ranked from weakest to most powerful

In a show where kids wield insanely dangerous weapons and have incredibly unique powers, where do the best characters from RWBY fall?
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8. Pyrrha Nikos

Pyrrha Nikos is a lot of things, but most notably a beacon of strength and skill, which makes her a standout character in the series. Ranked at number 8 in terms of sheer power, Pyrrha combines exceptional combat skills with a strategic mind that makes her a force to be reckoned with. Her fighting style is a mesmerizing blend of grace and ferocity as she wields her signature weapon, Milo, which can transform from a rifle to a spear and a sword, giving her versatility in battle. This not only displays her adaptability but also her deep understanding of different combat techniques. Pyrrha's semblance, or special power, known as Polarity, allows her to control metallic objects, making her an even more formidable opponent. She can manipulate her armor, weapons, and even her enemies' weapons, turning the tide of battle in an instant - pretty freaking neat.

However, the reason Pyrrha is ranked at number 8 and not higher is due to the presence of other characters with more overwhelming powers or unique abilities that give them an edge in the world of RWBY. We very sadly had to say goodbye to this queen at the end of season 3 as she dies trying to protect her friends and Beacon, their school, from an attack by Cinder Fall. Her death, while exceptionally sad really shows that while Pyrrha's combat skills are near unparalleled, characters ranked above her possess either greater raw power, more versatile semblances, or abilities that transcend regular combat skills. For instance, some have semblances that allow them to manipulate time or wield elemental powers at a scale that Pyrrha's Polarity can't match.

Also, Pyrrha's strength isn't exactly just physical - it also lies in her character and leadership qualities. She's the embodiment of hope and resilience, often outsmarting and outmaneuvering her opponents rather than overpowering them. This combination of strength and intelligence makes her a beloved character, but in a world where raw power and extraordinary abilities often decide the outcome of battles, it places her at the respected but not topmost position of eighth.

I guarantee that if she hadn't been taken away from us so soon, we'd see a big shift and growth in her strength and skills. RIP, Pyrrah.