RWBY: 11 strongest characters ranked from weakest to most powerful

In a show where kids wield insanely dangerous weapons and have incredibly unique powers, where do the best characters from RWBY fall?
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6. Qrow Branwen

Qrow Branwen isn't just Ruby and Yang's uncle. He is a master of scythe combat and a skilled huntsman who holds an impressive rank as the sixth strongest - a position that speaks volumes about his skills.

His remarkable combat skills are a sight to behold, marked by a unique blend of agility, strength, and strategic intelligence. Qrow's weapon of choice is a lot like Ruby's: a scythe that can transform into a sword or a gun. His weapon is how he displays his versatility in battle and a symbol of his deep connection to his craft. His ability to seamlessly switch between different combat styles makes him a formidable opponent. His semblance, although considered a curse, adds an unpredictable element to his fights - his ability to bring misfortune to those around him, while being a double-edged sword, often turns the tides in his favor during critical moments.

But it's not just his combat skills that place Qrow in the sixth spot. His deep understanding of the world of Remnant, combined with his experience as a huntsman, contributes significantly to his ranking. Qrow's knowledge about the darker aspects of their world, especially regarding the creatures of Grimm and the secrets of Salem makes him an invaluable asset. This intelligence, coupled with his fighting skills, makes him a well-rounded character capable of handling a variety of threats.

But despite his strengths, Qrow is not without his flaws. His semblance, which brings bad luck, often puts his allies at risk, and his struggle with personal demons and his constant reaching for alcohol in order to deal with his feelings can totally hinder his potential at times. These complexities add depth to his character and explain why, despite his incredible abilities, he is ranked sixth, striking a balance between his skills and personal challenges.