RWBY: 11 strongest characters ranked from weakest to most powerful

In a show where kids wield insanely dangerous weapons and have incredibly unique powers, where do the best characters from RWBY fall?
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5. Oscar Pine

Oscar lands at an impressive number 5 on my list, and there are some pretty cool reasons for that. First off, let's talk about Oscar's unique ability to merge with Ozpin, a former headmaster with centuries of knowledge and experience. This fusion, known as "Ozcar" by fans, gives Oscar a massive boost in wisdom and combat skills as Ozpin, much like Oscar himself, is a reincarnation of the ancient warrior Ozma. Ozma is the Yang to Salem's Yin, meaning while she's destructive and evil, Ozma keeps reincarnating in an attempt to stop his former wife once and for all. Oscar gets tangled up in all of that, going from a regular farm boy one day and then suddenly having the skills of a seasoned warrior and the smarts of a wise old sage.

Oscar doesn't just rely on Ozpin's abilities - he's also a fast learner and has a powerful and strong willpower. He quickly adapts to his new abilities and even develops his own fighting style, blending Ozpin's techniques with his own youthful energy and creativity, just like he does while attempting to destroy Salem inside the Grimm Whale - the use of Ozpin's cane was a wonderful idea, at the cost of the willing Hazel's life. RIP, king.

What's super cool about Oscar is that he's not just strong because of Ozpin - he's strong because he's Oscar. He's just 10 years old, but he quickly matures and learns his place in all that's happening in Remnant, and while he does not want to fully fade away and allow Ozpin to take over, he faces his fears, takes on challenges head-on, and grows stronger with every fight. He may not be at the top of the list, but being number 5 is pretty awesome considering he's freaking ten years old and up against some seriously powerful characters. Plus, he's still growing and learning, so who knows? One day he might just climb even higher on my list.