23 most shocking and devastating character deaths in 2023

As 2023 waves us a fond farewell, it's that time again to cozy up with a cup of your beverage of choice and reminisce about the year's cinematic and televisual rollercoasters.
The Last of Us. Photograph by Shane Harvey/HBO.
The Last of Us. Photograph by Shane Harvey/HBO. /
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23) All the poor Japanese citizens in Godzilla Minus One

It's not secret that I am completely and utterly obsessed with Godzilla. 'Mila loves her 'Zilla, what can I say?

In what I proudly claim Camila's 2023 Movie of the Year, Godzilla Minus One, the tragic fate of the Japanese citizens was something that hits much harder than any other Godzilla movie destruction. In the MonsterVerse movies, the destruction and chaos of the titan fights are often pretty brushed aside so the fight scenes take the main stage for entertainment purposes. In Toho Studio's newest movie, the damage to the city and the death of Japanese citizens is thrown into focus.

Imagine this: A somewhat serene day in post-WW2 Japan, with everyone going about their business trying to piece their lives back together, kids playing in the park, office workers hurrying along, blissfully unaware of the impending doom. Suddenly, the ground shakes, and there's Godzilla, minus one — meaning minus any f**ks to give.

The world's most amazing giant lizard, the 'Zilla, quite literally stomps through the city, accidentally playing a game of human dominoes with the buildings. People are running, screaming, getting stomped on by the big G, trampled by other terrorized civilians running away. Amidst this complete pandemonium, there’s a mix of emotions — fear, disbelief, and a bizarre sense of humor because, really, what are the odds?

These citizens meet their untimely demise in the most extraordinary yet horrifying way, leaving our jaws dropped to the floor. It's a spectacle, a rollercoaster of emotions where you don't know whether to sob or clap because the destruction scenes in this movie truly are everything.

Well, here are the 23 character deaths we all collectively cried over. I know you did, even if you say you didn't.

With 2024 rolling along in the next couple of weeks, we can only hope for more incredibly gripping content and, hopefully, a lot less heart-breaking character deaths.

Which ones hit you the hardest? Did the one that hurt you the most make it on the slide?

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