Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League: All 8 JL boss fights and cut scenes ranked

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League gave gamers four fights with entertaining cut scenes, but were any of them good?
Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League screenshot. Image courtesy WB Games.
Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League screenshot. Image courtesy WB Games. /
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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League boss fights, ranked

4. Batman

Not only was this fight not difficult, it wasn’t what gamers wanted. You didn’t get to challenge Batman. You went up against your fears. It was interesting gameplay when you were mixing the antidote, but that shouldn't have been it. Not fighting a punching, kicking, and utility belt using Batman was a mistake.

3. Superman

You’d expect your last fight to be the most difficult. Especially when it's Superman. It wasn’t. Yes, he was strong and fast, but he was easily hit. As long as However, if you spent time beating Brainiac’s minions throughout the game, you didn’t have a problem taking out Superman. 

2. Green Lantern

Beating Green Lantern took patience. If you recklessly went after him, you’d be hit by bullets or missiles from his Green Lantern helicopters. This was a great nod to the character. John Stewart is methodical. Anyone would be foolish to rush him.

Then there’s the mines. They were well-placed in the tight battleground. One wrong move and they exploded. Or, if they were hit while you were too close, you'd take damage.

If you took your time, this wasn’t a hard battle. Otherwise, you're gonna have a hard time.

1. The Flash

The Flash fight was the most fun and challenging. Barry Allen talked a lot of trash throughout the battle. That made it entertaining. Catching him was difficult. Since he’s the fastest man alive, that made sense. As frustrating as it was, finally hitting him made it worth it. The bonus was the cut scene after your victory.