The 9 best moments out of all X-Men movies, ranked

These aren't just scenes - they're cinematic milestones that have contributed to the enduring legacy of the X-Men franchise.

118_qr_2050_v2017.1021 – Quicksilver (Evan Peters) makes his move. Photo Credit: Courtesy Twentieth Century Fox.
118_qr_2050_v2017.1021 – Quicksilver (Evan Peters) makes his move. Photo Credit: Courtesy Twentieth Century Fox. /
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3. The Golden Gate Bridge move (X-Men: The Last Stand)

Before that unforgettable stadium lift, there was the Golden Gate Bridge.

When Magneto, the master of magnetism and chic helmet fashion, decides to redecorate San Francisco by relocating the Golden Gate Bridge, it's not just a show of power - it's a full-blown, jaw-dropping spectacle that etches itself into your memory. The sun is setting, casting an orange glow over the bay, and here comes Magneto - lifting his hands as if he's conducting an orchestra only instead of music, he's playing with the very forces of nature.

The bridge, this colossal symbol of human achievement, groans and twists in the air, obeying Magneto's will as easily as if it were a toy. It's a scene that beautifully marries the grandeur of superhero powers with the stunning visuals that only the X-Men movies can deliver, showcasing not just Magneto's strength but the sheer audacity of his vision. This isn't just a man moving a bridge - it's a declaration of war, a bridge (pun intended) between two worlds, and a bold statement of mutant independence.

But let's not forget the deeper resonance of this moment.

It's a metaphorical crossing over, a breaking of barriers, both literally and figuratively. As the bridge settles into its new home, providing a path for Magneto's army, it's impossible not to feel the weight of the moment. Here is a character who's been vilified, celebrated, and everything in between, taking a stand in the most visually stunning way possible. This scene encapsulates the essence of the X-Men movies: the clash between the extraordinary and the everyday, the personal battles that play out on a global stage, and the undeniable cool factor of seeing someone bend the world to their will.

It's a moment that defines not just a character or a movie, but an entire franchise, reminding us why we keep coming back for more. Also, Sir Ian McKellen's acting is, as usual, phenomenal.