The best (and worst) Supergirl episodes from all 6 seasons of The CW show

Supergirl had its high points and its low ones, and these 12 episodes show the best and worst from each season.

Build Series Presents Melissa Benoist Discussing "Supergirl" And "Patriots Day"
Build Series Presents Melissa Benoist Discussing "Supergirl" And "Patriots Day" / Matthew Eisman/GettyImages
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With all of the media frenzy surrounding the casting of Milly Alcock as Supergirl for future DC movies, many fans are looking back on the CW's Supergirl to see what worked well for it and what should be avoided moving forward.

According to Variety, James Gunn is specifically looking to make "a less earnest and more edgy version" of the television series fronted by Melissa Benoist. While there's nothing inherently wrong with this approach, as Supergirl often was darker than her cousin in the comics, Gunn should be wary of falling into the dark-and-gritty superhero trap that has been so common since The Dark Knight franchise.

Rather than just rejecting the series, which ran for an impressive six seasons, DC should take notes on what fans loved about the show (and what they hated). Here, we break down each season by its best and worst episodes, exploring why some elements worked and others didn't. For the sake of focusing on Kara Zor-El herself, no cross-over episodes will be included.