The best (and worst) Supergirl episodes from all 6 seasons of The CW show

Supergirl had its high points and its low ones, and these 12 episodes show the best and worst from each season.

Build Series Presents Melissa Benoist Discussing "Supergirl" And "Patriots Day"
Build Series Presents Melissa Benoist Discussing "Supergirl" And "Patriots Day" / Matthew Eisman/GettyImages
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Best and worst Supergirl season 6 episodes

Season six was a casualty of COVID-19 restrictions and Melissa Benoist's real-world pregnancy, which made it so Kara was completely disconnected from the rest of the characters for half of the season. While there was good quality writing for most of the characters, the villain's plot line didn't make much sense. Most episodes had a few gems, but the season as a whole failed to consistently engage audiences.

Best: Season 6 Episodes 5 and 6, "Prom Night" / "Prom Again!"

In a season where the main characters rarely had the opportunity to interact with each other, it's telling that the best episodes were the ones where some version of Kara interacted with some version of the team. The two "Prom" episodes were flashbacks that held little impact on the overall plot, but they were enjoyable because they re-established the relationships fans enjoyed seeing.

The plot itself is over-complicated, involving multiple layers of time travel just to collect Kara's DNA. Unless her Kryptonian nature suggests that her hair and skin cells never fall off like humans do, the team should have been able to find what they needed in Kara's apartment. However, it is such a fun episode that it's hard to nitpick too much.

Even if all the characters are not together in their adult forms, it's a joy to see Kara alongside Alex, Brainy, and Nia again. The plot across the two episodes is well crafted, and it feels like it would fit well in seasons one and two. Though not one of the show's strongest episodes, it is definitely a high point in an eclectic season.

Worst: Season 6 Episode 12, "Blind Spots"

Unlike other DC CW shows, Supergirl had the opportunity to write Season 6 as its final season. Given this, they should have been using every episode to tie off loose ends and propel their characters toward their future after the series finale. However, "Blind Spots" is an episode where the show really suffers from trying to do too much.

While most of the characters are trying to figure out how to stop the big bad, Kelly is desperately trying to get somebody to pay attention to the harm being done to ordinary people, especially those who are already disadvantaged. This is absolutely a worthwhile subject to explore, but it's also why comic universes typically separate street-level and cosmic heroes.

Had the CW been in a different position in the real world, this might have functioned as a backdoor pilot for a Guardian show. Since it wasn't, however, it feels like yet another episode that ignores the main plot and characters. That might have been okay in another season, but with only eight episodes left before the finale, each one needed to keep up the momentum and build to the conclusion.

Sadly, "Blind Spots" ends up bringing the season down rather than building it up. The message it tries to send is important, but it comes off as fairly clumsy when the main villain is a 4th-dimensional imp bent on world domination, rather than an overpowered racist, like in season four. It would be wonderful if superheroes could fix all problems, but in a final season with an all-powerful villain, there simply wasn't time for this episode to be effective.

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