The Boys could go longer than 5 seasons (but should it?)

Just because you can, doesn't mean you should, and the same goes for making some of our favorite series last longer than an average marriage.
The Boys - Episode 302 - “The Only Man In The Sky” Courtesy Prime Video
The Boys - Episode 302 - “The Only Man In The Sky” Courtesy Prime Video /

Hold onto your capes, folks, because we’ve got some electrifying news straight out of the superhero madhouse that is The Boys.

It looks like our favorite bloody, irreverent, and downright bonkers show might be sticking around longer than we thought. According to Inverse, the mastermind behind the madness, Eric Kripke, is walking back his plan to wrap things up after five seasons. But wait, is this a good thing? Or are we about to see our beloved series spiral into a never-ending saga, or a saga that stops making sense and we're all begging for a sweet, sweet release from it?

First off, let’s give a nod to Eric Kripke. The guy’s a genius. He gave us Supernatural, which was supposed to be a tight five-season deal but ended up running for a whopping 15 seasons. Now, he’s back with The Boys, and initially, he had a five-season plan. But he’s changed his tune. And honestly, can we blame him? The show is a hit, and Amazon Prime Video is throwing money at it faster than A-Train on a caffeine high.

But here’s the catch. We’ve seen this before, haven’t we? Remember The Walking Dead? It started off with a bang, got us all hooked with its zombie apocalypse drama, and then... well, it just kept going. And going. And going. What was once a thrilling survival story turned into a never-ending soap opera with walkers. We don’t want to see The Boys fall into the same trap, do we?

The fear here is running out of source material. The Boys is based on the comic series by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, and while the show has deviated quite a bit (and everything has worked out just fine so far), there’s only so much you can stretch before the rubber band snaps. Kripke has acknowledged that predicting the length of a show isn’t his strong suit. He’s even joked about being the “most wrong in entertainment history” when it comes to estimating seasons. So, is he setting himself up for another marathon run? As far as Prime Video goes, they seem totally chill with this idea. Vernon Sanders, an Amazon executive, hinted that as long as Kripke is on board, they’re game for more seasons. This could mean more wild antics, more gut-wrenching twists, and more diabolical plans from Homelander and the gang. But there’s also a fine line between keeping the excitement alive and beating a dead horse.

Here’s the silver lining, though: Kripke is aware of the pitfalls. He knows the dangers of dragging a story on for too long. He’s got the self-awareness to avoid making the same mistakes twice. This gives us hope that The Boys might dodge the fate of becoming the next The Walking Dead. So, what’s the takeaway here? As fans, we’re thrilled at the prospect of more seasons. Who wouldn’t want to see more of Billy Butcher’s creative cursing or Starlight’s struggle against Vought’s corruption? But we also want the story to stay sharp, relevant, and true to its roots.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Kripke and his team can balance the wild, unpredictable ride that is The Boys with a story that knows when to bow out. Here’s to hoping that our favorite anti-heroes get the epic, satisfying conclusion they deserve, whenever that may be.

In the meantime, gear up for The Boys' upcoming season 4, premiering on June 13 with three insane episodes, and let’s enjoy the carnage while it lasts. Because with The Boys, you never know when the next jaw-dropping, head-exploding moment is coming. But trust me, they always do.

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