The Boys season 4 3-episode premiere recap and review: the show we needed

The Boys are back with more shocking and twisted moments to satisfy our thirst for violently relatable content.
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Welcome back to the wild world of The Boys!

Season 4 kicks off with a bang, serving up three deliciously diabolical episodes that remind us why we love this twisted take on superheroes.

If you think superheroes are all about saving the day, think again! The Boys takes everything you know about caped crusaders and flips it on its head. This show is a wild rollercoaster ride through a world where superheroes, or "supes," are more like supervillains - power-hungry, corrupt, and downright dangerous.

Meet Homelander, the egotistical, terrifying leader of The Seven. He's got the power of a god but the morality of a toddler throwing a tantrum. Then there's Butcher, the grizzled anti-hero who will stop at nothing to take down these so-called heroes. Along with his ragtag team, The Boys, Butcher dives headfirst into a world of blood, guts, and twisted corporate shenanigans courtesy of Vought International. This show doesn't pull any punches. It's packed with jaw-dropping action, dark humor, and biting satire that skewers the superhero genre and modern society. From explosive confrontations to disturbing secrets, every episode keeps you on the edge of your seat.

The Boys is not just a show; it's a bold, audacious commentary on power, corruption, and the dark side of heroism.


The Boys Season 4
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Episode 1: "Department of Dirty Tricks"

We jump right back into the thick of it with Homelander, played by the incredibly talented Antony Starr, grappling with an existential crisis in true Homelander style. Imagine the most powerful man alive, basically a god among mortals, having a meltdown over a single golden pubic hair. Yep, you read that right. Homelander's got his undies in a twist about his legacy and fading supremacy. It's like watching a superpowered Squidward losing his mind in Tentacle Acres.

Meanwhile, Vought International is up to its usual shenanigans, manipulating the masses with a new PR campaign that's so sickly sweet it might give you cavities. But don't worry, Butcher (Karl Urban) and the gang are here to bring some grit to the sugarcoated madness. With Butcher dealing with a terminal diagnosis, he's got nothing to lose and everything to gain. His ruthless vengeance is balanced by a surprising touch of paternal instinct. Who knew Butcher had a soft side?

The Boys Season 4
The Boys Season 4 on Prime Video /

Episode 2: "Life Amond the Septics"

New faces in The Seven add fresh fuel to the fire. Sister Sage (Susan Heyward), my personal favorite new character and the world's smartest person, becomes a puppet master in Homelander's twisted game. She's got brains, brawn, and a smile that hides a thousand secrets. Firecracker (perfectly played by Valorie Curry), on the other hand, is a walking, talking alt-right conspiracy theory. She's a revoltingly exaggerated version of today's headlines, and she's here to stir up trouble.

Frenchie (Tomer Capone) gets a beefier subplot, navigating a complicated relationship that's as messy as a supe battle. Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara) decides the best way to deal with her traumatic past is to kill it, literally. Hughie (Jack Quaid) and Mother's Milk (Laz Alonso) wrestle with their own demons, providing the emotional backbone amidst the blood and guts.

The Boys Season 4
The Boys Season 4 on Prime Video /

Episode 3: "We'll Keep the Red Flag Flying Here"

With an election-year setting, The Boys dives headfirst into political satire. Homelander, with his narcissistic rants and orange undies, channels the energy of a certain tangerine tyrant. Vought's corruption mirrors the insidious influence of big business in politics, turning corporate malfeasance into a twisted art form. The show holds up a cracked mirror to the contemporary political landscape, making us laugh and cringe at the same time.

Of course, it wouldn't be The Boys without some signature hyperviolence. Homelander's laser eyes get a workout, and we witness faces pulverized beyond recognition. There's even a grotesque scene involving auto-erotic Human Centipede. And yes, The Deep is still getting frisky with sea creatures.

The Boys are back in town

The Boys. A+. The Boys are back with more shocking and twisted moments to satisfy our thirst for violently relatable content.. Camila Domingues | Bam Smack Pow. The Boys season 4 3-episode premiere

The Boys continue to deliver gut-busting, jaw-dropping moments with their cynical sense of optimism. Where other superhero franchises falter, The Boys stands tall, its blood-soaked cape flapping in the wind. It skewers the genre, the society that consumes it, and the fragile state of democracy with unnerving accuracy.

The first three episodes of season 4 are a masterclass in dark humor and biting satire. They remind us why we love to hate these characters and why we can't look away from the trainwreck that is their lives.

So, grab your popcorn, buckle up, and get ready for another wild ride with The Boys. It's going to be a bloody good time.

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