The good and the bad in every Marvel show on Disney Plus

What are the good and bad moments with each Marvel Cinematic show? How did both affect the projects and the MCU? Read here to find out.

Tom Hiddleston as Loki in Marvel Studios' LOKI, Season 2, exclusively on Disney+. Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios. © 2023 MARVEL.
Tom Hiddleston as Loki in Marvel Studios' LOKI, Season 2, exclusively on Disney+. Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios. © 2023 MARVEL. /
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LOKI, Season 2
(L-R): Owen Wilson as Mobius, Wunmi Mosaku as Hunter B-15, Eugene Cordero as Casey, Sophia Di Martino as Sylvie, Ke Huy Quan as O.B., and Tom Hiddleston as Loki in Marvel Studios' LOKI, Season 2, exclusively on Disney+. Photo by Gareth Gatrell. © 2023 MARVEL. /


The good: Sylvie

Loki wouldn’t have been the same without Sophia Di Martino (Sylvie). Loki is great, but the show wouldn’t have been the same without her. Loki needed someone to help him evolve. Di Martino was the right actress and Sylvie was the character for the job. She’s so good that it’s doubtful people would be upset if she became the new Loki of the MCU.

The bad: The ending

It’s not the ending itself. Just that the show concluded. Loki leaves the multiverse with viewers having a lot of questions.

Would Loki return? Will Thor find out that his brother is alive? What’s the next step for him as the God of Stories? While this is under the bad section, it’s not bad. Just disappointing.

Doctor Strange Supreme, Captain Carter, and T’Challa in Marvel Studios' WHAT IF…? exclusively on Disney+. ©Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights /

What if…?

The good: The creativity of season 1

What if…? started as a comic book that allowed writers to let their imaginations run wild. In season 1 of What if…? the creators continued that trend. Party Thor, T’Challa as Star-Lord, and Doctor Strange destroying his world are examples of this greatness. 

The bad: The second season

The beauty of the multiverse is there are an infinite number of stories to tell. Heroes can become villains, the Skrulls could have taken over Earth, and so much more. Unfortunately, the second season dropped the ball.

There wasn't a lot of creativity with this season. Except for a couple of episodes, the show’s sophomore season wasn’t good.

Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop in Marvel Studios' HAWKEYE. Photo by Chuck Zlotnick. ©Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved. /


The good: Clint Barton

When you’re standing next to Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man, your trick arrows don't look as great as they should. Sure, there were moments where Hawkeye looked amazing, but never in the long run. Hawkeye allowed him to show off his greatness. Not just what he could do with his arrows. Jeremy Renner proved there was depth to his character.

The bad: Predictable

It was easy to predict that Kate’s mother was the villain. Something about her always seemed off. When she revealed herself to be evil, no one was shocked. Thankfully, Wilson Fisk showed up and made up for the lack of an interesting villain.

Groot (voiced by Vin Diesel) in Marvel Studios' I AM GROOT exclusively on Disney+. © 2022 MARVEL. /

I Am Groot

The good: The origin of Marc’s personalities

Disney has done animated shorts, but Marvel hasn't. I Am Groot are shorts that follow Groot on brief adventures. It's cute and fun for everyone of all ages. There are no complaints here. It’s exactly what it needs to be.


The bad: Everything

I am Groot was great, but Helstrom was awful. Unlike Constantine, changing the name of the show wasn’t going to help. This was going to be bad no matter what. It felt like the show was trying to replicate Evil and failed. Hopefully, Daimon Hellstrom gets a proper MCU introduction. He deserves better.