The new title colors for Amazon Prime's Invincible elude to a dark time for Mark

Invincible's Twitter page foreshadows grim times for Mark Grayson with something as simple as changing the colors on the title screen.
Invincible Season 2 on Prime Video
Invincible Season 2 on Prime Video /

The title screen for Invincible has been the show’s trademark. When it appears, parts of the background break, and blood splatters on the screen. This shows that this won’t be your typical cartoon. If you’re a fan of the Invincible via Image Comics, you know there’s significance to the combination of blue and black.

Invincible’s social media team is perfect. They know how to tease things for the informed and the not so much. In this case, they dropped a subtle hint in their tweet (that you can see above). Saying, “Foreshadowing? What is that?” is their way of letting you know this isn’t just a color change. That will leave newcomers to search for what it means. That’s where I come in.

Mark is about to go through a dark time. He tries to be a hero without Cecil Stedman and everything goes poorly. Invincible is going to kill more people, become reckless, and start admitting his true feelings about humanity. There’s even a moment where he’s responsible for the deaths of millions of people. All of this starts with a costume change.

It seems silly, but it will make sense. Part of Inivncible’s identity revolves around his yellow, blue, and black uniform. For some reason, he feels more like himself when he wears it. There are times when Eve feels the same way. It’s almost as if his personality gets darker when his uniform does. 

Fans should be prepared to see Mark Grayson like they never have. Honestly, it won’t be shocking if viewers turn on him. However, as bad as Mark gets, something awful happens to him in that uniform (if you know Anissa, you know the moment). It could be the main reason he never wears it again.

Stay tuned to Bam Smack Pow for more on what happens to Invincible in the future.

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