4 The Walking Dead characters who probably won't be back in 2024

The Walking Dead Universe will bring back some beloved faces next year, but don't expect these guys to be among the returnees.
Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live _ Season 1
Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live _ Season 1 /
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Kim Dickens as Madison Clark - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 11 /

Madison Clark

Call us crazy but it's unlikely that we'll see Madison Clark reappear in the TWD Universe this coming year. The lead of long-running spinoff Fear The Walking Dead, she returned to the show in its seventh season and was a huge player in its eighth. It was only fitting that she was the one to help bring it to a close, and seeing Kim Dickens back on screens was a huge treat.

While the new TWD Universe spinoffs have been all about connecting to the original series through their returning characters, Fear very much did its own thing. It was a prequel series before a senseless time-jump in season 4 turned it into a companion series that ran parallel to the original show. Yes, it's featured Morgan, Dwight, and even a few major TWD cameos over the years, but it's its own thing. Now that it's ended, we probably won't see any of its characters return for some time (if ever).

It would be pretty awesome to see Kim Dickens return as Madison in the TWD Universe in the future, especially as that return would be free from the divisive final seasons of Fear, but we're not expecting it to happen in 2024. Madison's return to the show was all about wrapping up her arc and getting the show to a place where it could conclude; now that it has done that, it wouldn't make sense for her to return to the TWD Universe so soon. But we hope that she does make a comeback one day.