Warner Bros and DC greenlight Blue Beetle animated series

Wake up, Blue Beetle Battalion. The adventures of Jaime Reyes and his family are only beginning. 
Special "Blue" Carpet Puerto Rico Screening of "Blue Beetle"
Special "Blue" Carpet Puerto Rico Screening of "Blue Beetle" / Gladys Vega/GettyImages

Deadline broke the news that Warner Bros Animation and DC Studios have officially greenlit a Blue Beetle animated series that looks to be set as a spin-off rather than a re-telling of the 2023 theatrical film. Of course, then again, it could actually be a sequel or a bridge series to when Jaime Reyes graces the silver screen once again.

The report is the latest to emerge from WB and DC, as earlier on Friday, Director James Gunn unveiled a plethora of new information related to Creature Commandos and revealed how the DCU would stand apart from other shared continuities. 

The trade confirmed that the latest DC animated property will feature returning faces in the presence of Director Angel Manuel Soto, screenwriter Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer, and John Ricard, all of whom will be credited as executive producers on the series. Galen Vaisman, an EP for the theatrical film, is leading the production for DC Studios. Surprisingly, Gunn and Peter Safran aren't attached to the project, though with their status as Co-CEO of the DC Studios, it would be safe to assume that the filmmaker will have input.

In addition, reported details from the trade reveal that the DC has approached various actors from the film to reprise their roles from the film, which has garnered a highly positive reaction. Still, it’s not clear yet if lead Xolo Maridueña will return as the titular character of Jaime Reyes.

Maridueña has expressed excitement about the project which does hint that he could be involved in the project. However, the trade noted that the series is being set up as a potential spin-off of reigniting interest as an approach to getting the young lead to suit up as the fan-favorite hero once again.

As of this moment, no details have been released, nor has a potential release date. Still, in addition to the creative prospect of a new animated series coming to the small screen and the realm of streaming, the move feels like a call to action from all at DC Studios, as the Blue Beetle film did quite well, especially with garnering a 78% critic score and a 91% audience score respectfully on Rotten Tomatoes.

We can only wait and see what Gunn and company are cooking over in the DC Studios writer's room.  Friday's news raises the question and reflects that DC has confidence in its animation division, as many of the greatest adaptions of the timeless icons have been through the realm and conduit of animation. Could this latest decision follow the same patterns?

Blue Beetle is currently streaming on MAX.

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