Watchmen Chapter 1 official trailer is bloody, brutal, and familiar

The first trailer for DC Comics' new Watchmen animated feature has finally arrived and is just as brutal and bloody as you might expect from Watchmen.
Watchmen Chapter 1 | Redband Trailer 4K | Warner Bros. Entertainment
Watchmen Chapter 1 | Redband Trailer 4K | Warner Bros. Entertainment / Warner Bros. Entertainment

Last month, in partnership with DC Comics, Warner Bros animation officially unveiled a 40-second teaser trailer footage montage that gracefully once again brought and transported audiences into the dark, saturated iconography of Alan Moore's classic graphic novel Watchmen. The late superhero tragedy is set to grace the realm of animation instead of the silver screen, and it turns out that the film is approaching closer than we think.

Now, fans have been greeted by a brand new trailer that promises a fresh take on the familiar narrative. The unique cel-shaded animation, a departure from the traditional style, added a new layer of intrigue to the story. From what I could tell, the footage looks to be the same expression of how the story will unfold. Still, it does feel quite clever to confess that the conduit of animation has been on a hot streak, with the critical and commercial success of Marvel Studios’ X-Men 97 and DC hoping for a splash of interest similarly akin when Batman: Caped Crusader drops August 1 on Amazon Prime Video. 

The official trailer footage can be found in the link below: 

The upcoming WB animated film was recently rated R for violent content and some graphic nudity, which is no surprise as the iconic story deals with mature themes, which harbors the line of violence and NSFW material.

One thing to note is that DC, most notably as of late under the leadership of Co-CEOs and Directors James Gunn and Peter Safran, has been positioning and marketing the comics that the films are based on at the end of the trailer. It’s quite a genius move because it tethers the source material to the audience while helping reinvigorate physical and digital comic-book output, increasing attraction and interest among a new selection of fans. 

The official synopsis for the animated adaption reads: “In an alternate world history shaped by superheroes, once-celebrated 'costumed adventurers' have been banned by a society disenchanted with vigilantism. Now, in 1985, the murder of The Comedian, a hero-turned-government operative, draws the attention of Rorschach, the last of the outlawed vigilantes. Rorschach’s investigation embroils his retired colleagues, Nite Owl, Silk Spectre, Dr. Manhattan, and Ozymandias, in conflict with their pasts, with each other, and in a mystery that threatens their lives and a world on the brink of war.”

Watchmen Chapter I's cast is an ensemble led by Matthew Rhys (Nite Owl), Katee Sackhoff (Silk Spectre), Titus Welliver (Rorschach), Troy Baker (Ozymandias), Michael Cerveris (Dr. Manhattan), and Rick D. Wasserman (The Comedian) as first reported by IGN.

The trade also revealed that supporting players include Adrienne Barbeau (Sally Jupiter/Silk Spectre), Corey Burton (Captain Metropolis), Jeffrey Combs (Moloch), John Marshall Jones (Hooded Justice), Yuri Lowenthal (Wally Weaver), Geoff Pierson (Nite Owl), and Kari Wahlgren (Janey Slater). In addition, Grey DeLisle, Kelly Hu, Max Koch, Phil LaMarr, Dwight Schultz, and Jason Spisak have all been cast in undisclosed roles.

Watchmen Chapter 1 is slated to release next month on August 13 via digital. Chapter 2 is scheduled for a 2025 release.

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