Why Andrew Garfield should be the Sony-Verse Spider-Man

Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man is one of the most popular versions of the character and fans would love to see him make a comeback

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The cinematic Spider-Verse is definitely expanding with a number of cinematic projects based on Spider-Man hitting our screens in recent years. From the Marvel Cinematic Universe adaptation featuring Tom Holland and the animated Spider-Verse movies led by Miles Morales to Sony's live-action films such as Venom and Morbius.

Another film release coming up is Madame Web, based on the character of the same name. Led by Dakota Johnson, the film is set to feature other Spider-Man characters such as Julia Cornwall/Spider-Woman, Mattie Franklin/Spider-Woman, and Ezekiel Sims.

With the ties the Madame Web character has to the multiverse, it is rumored that the film could feature a Spider-Man character from one of the live-action portrayals. Reports surfaced recently that Sony had originally planned to have Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man be the Spider-Man in the Sony-Verse. However, plans reportedly changed with Sony shifting focus to Tom Holland being their potential Sony-Verse Spider-Man.

While it may seem like a good plan to try and connect their Sony-Verse movies to the success of the MCU character, it would be wise to stick with the original plan of Andrew Garfield being the Spider-Man for the Sony films. For one, Garfield's time as the character felt short for both the fans and the actor. This would give everyone a chance to see him continue as the character and to show the potential for how much further he could dig into the role of Peter Parker.

Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man also came from a darker universe than both Tobey Maguire and Tom Holland's Spider-Men, with that tone fitting the darker films such as Venom and Morbius. It seems easy to see his portrayal of the character battling Tom Hardy's Venom or Jared Leto's Morbius.

After having both Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire appear in Spider-Man: No Way Home, they could easily give a reason for having Garfield be a part of the Sony-Verse if his own universe is not considered to be the same. An in-universe explanation could be that the spell to send the characters back to their own universe failed and sent Garfield's Spider-Man to the Sony-Verse, much like Michael Keaton's Vulture being sent to the Sony-Verse.

No matter what in-story reason they use to bring Garfield into the Sony-Verse, Sony could certainly make it work. The fans have been clamoring for the return of Garfield's Spider-Man since the plans for a Spider-Man cinematic universe featuring his character were canned back in 2014. Many have been eager to see Sony finish the trilogy started with The Amazing Spider-Man, with his appearance in No Way Home bringing those conversations back to the forefront.

Sony tried to build a cinematic universe surrounding Garfield's character, including characters such as Black Cat and the Sinister Six. With the tease at the end of Morbius and the development of other Spider-Man characters such as Kraven the Hunter and Madame Web, Sony could revive those plans at a time when the fans are asking for it.

Garfield's portrayal of Spider-Man may have been the best cinematic portrayal of the Peter Parker version of the character. He managed to showcase the differences between playing both Parker and Spider-Man. His chemistry with the rest of the cast shows how difficult it is to balance his normal life and being a vigilante.

It is also mentioned that Garfield's character struggled with the death of Gwen Stacy, with the continuation of the character's story showcasing how he dealt with this. Doing this would show fans a darker version of Spider-Man, one that does not pull his punches. Seeing this version of the character having brutal fights with Tom Hardy's Venom would be a treat and something fans would love to see.

Sony would be making a mistake trying to tie the Sony films to the MCU, instead tying it to Andrew Garfield would give them much more opportunity to grow a version of the character fans love and have their own creative freedom.