Wolverine's 20 greatest and deadliest adversaries ranked

Wolverine has had a lot of enemies and rivals in his day, but these are the best (or worst) of them all.
Marvel's Wolverine teaser. Image courtesy of Insomniac games
Marvel's Wolverine teaser. Image courtesy of Insomniac games /
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Marvel's Wolverine teaser
Marvel's Wolverine teaser. Image courtesy of Insomniac games /

16. The Logans

Real name: Thomas and (First name unrevealed) Logan

BIronically, before he was Logan, he was a sickly kid named James Howlett. Logan was the name of the first people to hurt him. Ironically, it's the name he kept.

His biological father (Thomas Logan) killed the man who was raising him. His former friend and biological brother, “Dog” Logan was complicit in it as well. During their assault on his family, James used his claws for the first time. First, to cut Dog's face and then to kill Thomas.

After James and Rose escape to another part of Canada, Dog comes for revenge. This results in James killing the first person he’s loved, Rose.

15. The Hand

Real name: Various members

Since Logan's first stint in Japan, the Hand has hated and feared him. He's slayed hundreds of their ninjas and made it look easy. Because of this, their feud will continue until one of them is dead. It may carry on into Hell.

They may have had a hand (pun intended) in killing and resurrecting Wolverine (more on that next), but they don’t pose an actual threat to Logan. No matter how many ninjas they throw at him, he always cuts through them like a hot knife through butter. 

14. Hydra

Real name: Various members

The Hand successfully killed Wolverine (Wolverine: Enemy of the State). Unlike most villains, it stuck. The only reason he came back was because the Hand wanted him alive as a weapon of Hydra.

For months Logan was a threat to the world. It was so bad superheroes were instructed to go out in pairs. If they were caught alone, Wolverine killed them so the Hand could bring them back. If that isn’t a top-tier villain, what is?