Wolverine's 20 greatest and deadliest adversaries ranked

Wolverine has had a lot of enemies and rivals in his day, but these are the best (or worst) of them all.

Marvel's Wolverine teaser. Image courtesy of Insomniac games
Marvel's Wolverine teaser. Image courtesy of Insomniac games /
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akb_dtlra_stills_120415.089228 – Erik/Magneto (Michael Fassbender) has the power to manipulate magnetic fields. Photo Credit: Courtesy Twentieth Century Fox. /

7. Magneto

Real name: Max Eisenhart, Erik Magnus Lehnsherr

No matter how many times they fought or how brutal it got, Magneto respected Logan. He knew that there was honor behind the rage and claws. That didn’t stop him from ripping the adamantium from Logan’s bones.

That moment that changed the course of Wolveirne’s life forever. The fight left him unsure of himself. That insecurity made him leave the X-Men. For that alone, Magneto makes the top ten. Not even Sabretooth has physically hurt Wolverine this bad.

6. The Red Right Hand

Real name: Various members

The Red Right Hand’s entire purpose was to make Wolverine suffer. Each of their members had one thing in common. Logan killed someone they loved. With revenge in their hearts and no regard for their souls, they sent Wolverine to Hell. Knowing he’d escape, they took things a step further. They set Logan up to kill the kids he didn’t know he had.

There's one funny thing about the Red Right hand. All of the people they were avenging were deplorable. Even when Logan was brainwashed, the people he killed (except the S.H.I.E.L.D.) deserved what they got. It was clear when they met their loved ones in Hell.