WWE: Dear Bill Goldberg, Asuka's streak was more impressive

Bill Goldberg's thoughts on Asuka's undefeated streak years after it ended proves that he needs a reality check or reminder that "The Empress of Tomorrow" is more than "some Japanese girl."

Asuka hits Paige with Green Mist on the Oct. 28, 2019 edition of WWE Monday Night Raw. Photo: WWE.com
Asuka hits Paige with Green Mist on the Oct. 28, 2019 edition of WWE Monday Night Raw. Photo: WWE.com /

When Bill Goldberg first appeared in WCW, he was a force of nature. He was going through everyone he faced and dominated doing it. Hulk Hogan, Diamon Dallas Page, and The Giant (known in the WWE as Big Show) are all on his list of conquers. After 173 straight wins over 175 days, Goldberg was defeated by “Big Daddy Colol” Kevin Nash (1998's WCW Starrcade). Goldberg wasn’t running through his opponents like bad food when he went to the WWE. He had to have longer matches and make the other wrestlers look good.

Decades later, “The Empress of Tomorrow” Asuka debuted in NXT (NXT TakeOver: Respect) and went on to undefeated for 914 days. Apparently, Bill Goldberg is upset his streak was beaten. More than that, he had…unsavory words towards Asuka and Triple H.

During Nothing Left Unsaid, the WWE Hall of Famer said, “I can’t even remember. Asuka is her name, and she is some Japanese girl. They touted her as being the one to have the longest winning streak, and it just so happened that it culminated when I got there."

The problem with Goldberg's comments

There is a lot wrong with what Bill Goldberg said. First, it was misogynistic. Calling her “some Japanese girl” is disrespectful and he knows it. Whether he was trying to be edgy, funny, or a jerk is something only Goldberg knows. Nevertheless, he should know better. He’s faced scrutiny from his peers and fans over the years. He’s also the reason Bret Hart retired early. Lastly, Asuka’s streak was more impressive than anything Bill Goldberg has done.

Asuka wasn’t having squash matches throughout her streak. She was feuding with amazing talent and putting on classic performances (both in NXT and the main roster). Her bouts with Ember Moon, Mickie James, and Bayley were A+ and still hold up years later. She was also the first winner of the Women's Royal Rumble Match. Meanwhile, most people would struggle to find a fight during Goldberg’s streak that was worth mentioning.

Goldberg's streak can be easily summed up. There was a spear, a Jackhammer, and then a pin. Asuka put on masterclasses with melee attacks, submissions, suplexes, and more. She's also more entertaining without even speaking and can easily switch between heel and face. Maybe Goldberg should do some research before he disrespects one of the greats. 

Goldberg isn't just mad at Asuka

Let this writer give Goldberg some grace. In his prime, he was something we’ve never seen. He’s part of the reason the Monday Night Wars were competitive. He was fast, powerful, and intense. People tuned in to see if tonight would be the night Goldberg lost. Also, you can't deny his entrance and the way fans chanted his name wasn't incredible.

However, saying things like, “And then it just so happened that every single wrestler uses the spear in their moves, right? Pretty ironic that that happened when I got there, right?” is false. Rhyno and Edge were both using it before Goldberg made his WWE debut. Furthermore, Charlotte Flair, Kaitlyn, and Roman Reigns do it better than him. That's not to mention the dozens if not hundreds of people who used it outside of America before him.

I’m not going to say whether or not Triple H has a vendetta against Goldberg and that’s why he had his streak broken. That could be true. Nevertheless, it shouldn’t take away from what Asuka did. If she wasn't performing, Asuka’s streak would have ended sooner than he did.

Goldberg’s comments will go down as one of the worst things he’s said and wrestling fans won’t let him forget it. If you're waiting for him to apologize, this writer suggests not holding your breath.

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What do you think about Bill Goldberg's comments? Did you enjoy Asuka's winning streak?