WWE: Every version of The Undertaker ranked from weakest to strongest

The Undertaker was unstoppable throughout his 30-year WWE career but which version of the character was the most invincible?

The Undertaker at WWE Cyber Sunday 2007 (Courtesy of WWE.com)
The Undertaker at WWE Cyber Sunday 2007 (Courtesy of WWE.com) /
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Throughout his three-decade long WWE career, The Undertaker was the most feared superstar in professional wrestling history. At least on-screen, that is. Behind-the-scenes, Mark Calaway is perhaps the most respected athlete to ever set foot into the squared circle, and a large part of that is down to how well he sustained his mythical character.

The Undertaker was the stuff of legend; an unstoppable Phenom who could strike fear into the hearts of his opponents with one look faster than even he could summon a lightning bolt. Watching him make that slow walk down the aisle was as thrilling as watching him compete in the ring, and you can bet it was every bit as important to the development of the character.

Development really is what The Deadman was all about. Nobody adapted to the times as well as he did, with each era of WWE welcoming in a new era of The Undertaker as the character evolved with the times. If the company needed a silent zombie to stalk his opponents or a more human, grounded character who still knew how to brawl with the best of them, 'Taker was capable of it all.

But speaking of his personas, which ones were the most unstoppable? Remember that we're talking about The Undertaker here, so all chapters of his gimmicks were strong (and certainly none of them were weak), but which Undertaker was the most invincible?