WWE Superstars who'd be perfect for horror movies (and what their roles would be)

What WWE and NXT Superstars would fit in which horror movie roles? How do their Kayfabe personalities work for the movies? It's all right here.

Bray Wyatt WWE "The Fiend"
Bray Wyatt WWE "The Fiend" /
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Horror movies have evolved over the years. The killers are more devious, the heroes are smarter, and the supporting cast is more entertaining. Even though things have changed, most of the tropes remain the same. There’s almost always a jock, a promiscuous couple, and a final girl. They’re staples that the genre shouldn’t give up.

World Wrestling Entertainment has more characters than most movies. Within them are personalities that match the people and beings you’d see in a horror flick. This article will highlight those WWE Superstars and what role they’d play in a scary movie.

Let’s begin.

The Harbinger

WWE wrestlers: Paul Heyman

The harbinger is like the Silver Surfer to Galactus. They alert people of the upcoming menace and are usually survivors. Paul Hayman would be a different kind of Harbinger. He’d warn everyone that there’s danger coming, but mask it as selflessness. In reality, he's doing it to save himself. 

Alternate: Sensational Sherri

The Pawn

WWE wrestler: Jimmy Uso

The pawn is the one who caused the danger to begin with. Sometimes it’s unintentional. They accidentally solved a puzzle that caused the apocalypse or opened a basement door that released an unstoppable killer.

This is 100% Jimmy Uso. He’s goofy and arrogant enough to cause the death of others. After doing so, he’d blame it on someone else. He'd be one of the last people killed and the audience would applaud.

Alternate: Dominik Mysterio