WWE Superstars who'd be perfect for horror movies (and what their roles would be)

What WWE and NXT Superstars would fit in which horror movie roles? How do their Kayfabe personalities work for the movies? It's all right here.

Bray Wyatt WWE "The Fiend"
Bray Wyatt WWE "The Fiend" /
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The Scholar

WWE wrestler: Triple H

The scholar knows everything. They come up with scientific or supernatural ways to stop whatever’s coming. No one fits that description better than Triple H. He’s called the Cerebral Assassin for a reason. There will never be a wrestler who knows more about their opponent than he does.

Alternate: Seth Rollins

The Hunter

WWE wrestlers: Cody Rhodes

The hunter is more than someone who goes after evil beings. They’ve been doing it for a while and survived to tell the tale. They’re like the scholar but more hands-on and willing to sacrifice themselves so other people can live. If that’s not Cody Rhodes, what is?

People forget that Cody Rhodes has been wrestling for a while, performed all over the world, and is the guy to take the hit when others won’t. To take it further, his father (Duty Rhodes) could be considered Van Helsing who left his son to continue his legacy. Yes, that makes Roman Reigns Count Dracula.

Alternate: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

The Hysteric

WWE wrestlers: Chelsea Green

Their final scene is full of calamity. They hysterically scream and usually run. While running they’ll trip and fall over their own feet or something they placed on the floor. If they don’t they’ll end up somewhere inescapable. Something like a closet, an attic, or under a bed (that one is a classic). 

Chelsea Green is the obvious choice here. She has this kind of luck. She’d be chased by someone like Asuka or Shayna Baszler and scream. Her screams would let her tracker know where she is and she ends up in a submission.

Alternate: Carmella