WWE Superstars who'd be perfect for horror movies (and what their roles would be)

What WWE and NXT Superstars would fit in which horror movie roles? How do their Kayfabe personalities work for the movies? It's all right here.

Bray Wyatt WWE "The Fiend"
Bray Wyatt WWE "The Fiend" /
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The Jock

WWE wrestlers: Logan Paul

Opposite of the mean girl you have the jock. They’re annoying muscle-heads who want to solve everything with their fists. They're exclusively bullies and always get what's coming to them. This always results in their death.

Logan Paul is conceited enough to fight Leatherhead. He'd think his brass knuckles and "it only takes one punch" mentality would be enough to stop a guy holding a chainsaw. Some people would call that brave. Others know it’s foolish. That wouldn’t matter to Logan Paul. He’d grab his brass knuckles and jump at Leatherface. Before he gets cut in half, everyone watching would facepalm at his stupidity.

Alternates: Grayson Waller, Austin Theory

The Supernatural Monster

WWE wrestlers: Bray Wyatt, Alexa Bliss,

When you think of a supernatural monster, they're a force of nature. Beings like Jason Voorhees, the recent Michael Myers, and Candyman. The monsters you can't kill with a gun or a knife. They need a spell of some sort. That was what Bray Wyatt was becoming. 

Bray was following in the footsteps of The Undertaker and Kane. You could burn them alive and they’d return that night like nothing happened. There were times when Bray looked like that in actual matches. When Alexa Bliss joined him, they became the scariest duo in the WWE.

Alternate: Asuka

Writer's note: Yes, it would be easy to pick someone like Undertaker and Kane, but why go the easy route?