WWE Superstars who'd be perfect for horror movies (and what their roles would be)

What WWE and NXT Superstars would fit in which horror movie roles? How do their Kayfabe personalities work for the movies? It's all right here.

Bray Wyatt WWE "The Fiend"
Bray Wyatt WWE "The Fiend" /
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Creepy Killer

WWE wrestlers: Dexter Lumis

The creepy killer is a stalker. Their strength comes from being stealthy and patient. For example, you have Hannibal Lecter, ‎Patrick Bateman, and Ghost Face (when he’s not clumsy). For the WWE, that's Dexter Lumis.

Dexter Lumis’ introduction to the main roster was perfect. The Miz was terrified to be alone. He never knew when his stalker would appear. Even with backup, The Miz wasn't safe. Dexter would crawl through the ring floor, from under the ring itself, or out of the crowd. Imagine someone that big and strong with the ability to move quietly.

The Final Girl

WWE wrestlers: Roxanne Perez

This is the woman who defies the odds. There’s no reason for her to be here, but she’s the one who saved the day. The small, unassuming woman does what the big, bad jock couldn't. It’s easy to see who she is, but it’s always exciting to see them get the job done.

Roxanne Perez has overcome the odds. She’s barely five feet tall, doesn’t weigh much, and isn’t overpowering her competition. Nevertheless, she finds a way to win. Her beating Mandy Rose to become NXT Women’s Champion is her being the Final Girl. At some point, Roxanne Perez should be cast in a horror movie to be the final girl. It would be believable.

Alternate: Liv Morgan

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