X-Men: 8 great things that happened during the Krakoan era

X-Men: Fall of X is almost over and X-Men: From the Ashes will begin. Before it’s over, let's look at the moments that made this the most important moment in mutant history.
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Writers like Jonathan Hickman and Gerry Duggan helped create the best time for X-Men fans, the X-Men Krakoan era. After almost five years of love and progress, their island nation is no more. It's hard to remember that the X-Men: Fall of X started with the deaths of mutants and continued with imprisonment and torture. Despite that, there were positive moments.

In a short time, mutants of Krakoa did things that other nations couldn’t do. The upcoming eight moments and creations are examples of the good that the mutants of Krakoa brought to Marvel Comics and Earth-616.


The Five (Tempus, Proteus, Egg, Elixir, and Hope Summers) helped the mutants cheat death. When mutant dies, they combine their powers to bring them back to life. Thanks to the newest Cerbreo Forge, they return with all of their memories and personalities. Fans know that comic book characters return from death often. Now there was an explanation that made sense—made sense for comic book characters at least.

The three laws

Every nation needs rules. Krakoa had three of them. First, “Kill no Man.” Since humans couldn’t be resurrected, it seemed unfair to kill them. Second, “Respect this Sacred Land.” Krakoa isn’t just an island, it’s a living being. Since Krakoa provides for mutants, disrespecting the land was a punishable offense. Lastly, “Make more Mutants.” That one was more of a suggestion. They weren’t forcing mutants to procreate. However, to progress as a society, more mutants must be made.

Terraforming Mars

This was one of the mutants’ most impressive feats. They took an uninhabitable planet and turned it into a haven for Arakkii mutants. It took the combined powers of mutants to do in days something that would take humans years if not decades. After claiming the planet for their own, they established that Arakko (formerly Mars) was the capital of the Sol System.

The Hellfire Gala

This was a chance to show off new mutant advancements and styles and mingle with the most popular people in the universe. More than that, the mutants of Krakoa informed the world of their advancements. Among them was the previously mentioned terraforming of Mars. 

Voting on the X-Men roster

Normally, one of the leaders of the X-Men decides their rosters. If not them then it’s fate. The Hellfire Gala was the first time the alpha team was voted on. At first, this seemed like a bad idea. This could turn into a popularity contest. However, when a telepath can read minds, it’s easy to see the genuine votes.

In the real world, Marvel lets the fans vote on the roster. This was an opportunity to give power to the people and let their voices be heard.

Freedom from human norms

Mutants' ability to be themselves was the most important part of Krakoa. They didn’t have to worry about judgment from humans allowing them to think freely and be creative. For example, this led to Nightcrawler starting a religion of sorts. Instead of worship, it became a place where mutants could congregate, embrace each other, and solve problems (X-Men: Onslaught Revelation and Legion of X).

It wasn’t just religion. Norms like sexuality, relationships, and more were explored leading to happier mutants and deeper stories. 

Krakoan gates

There were a lot of advancements during the Krakoan era, but this was the coolest. It was as simple as planting a flower and a gate to Krakoa bloomed. This wasn’t just for vacations. When mutants needed to escape danger or save their teammates, they were seconds away. What’s even better is only people Krakoa granted access could get through. 

A home

Lastly, we come to the most important part for mutants. They were given a home. Many mutants were drifting from place to place without a permanent place to lay their head. During Dead X-Men No. 4, Frenzy spoke about this. She said Krakoa allowed her to change her story. She’s only one of the stories.

This is the saddest part of Krakoa's ending. Mutants won’t have a home. They’re going back to being nomadic and chased by people who want them dead. For readers, things are going back to normal. Nevertheless, it's disappointing. Not only was this the best time for X-Men fans, it was a happy era for mutants. Unfortunately, when it comes to the X-Men, nothing good lasts long. 

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