X-Men: All 4 Beast actors ranked from worst to best

Dr. Hank McCoy is an important part of the X-Men saga, but which of the actors to play Beast on film and TV was the best?

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4. Michael Kopsa

Appeared in: X-Men: Evolution

Like many of the animated superhero TV shows of the early 2000s (looking at you, The Batman), X-Men: Evolution was incredibly underrated at the time. Yes, it lived in the shadow of the '90s X-Men: The Animated Series (much like The Batman lived in Batman: The Animated Series' shadow), but it did have its own merits that have been overlooked for far too long - specifically its voice cast.

Take the late, great Michael Kopsa, for example. The veteran actor voiced Beast, appearing from the second season onwards and becoming an integral ally for the X-Men. He voiced Beast with the esteem that you would expect from a learned individual like Hank McCoy but he also added a touch of modernity to his performance. This version of the character sounded younger than the X-Men: The Animated Series version that George Buza voiced. So yes, he was esteemed but a little bit cooler than the Beast we had come to know.

The balance worked incredibly well for a show like X-Men: Evolution as it appealed to a younger demographic. It was the same but different, and the only thing that is preventing us from ranking him higher is the fact that Beast was one of the most underappreciated elements of the show (a running theme for the character, unfortunately), so he we didn't get to see him (and hear Kopsa's wonderful performance) anywhere near enough.