7 X-Men that need to follow Beast into the MCU

The X-Men are clearly coming to the MCU and we have a list of legacy heroes from the 20th Century Fox movies who we want to see follow Kelsey Grammer's Beast into the MCU!
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7. Daniel Cudmore’s Colossus

While Fox might have opted to recast the role of Colussus for the Deadpool franchise, there is only one version of the character I'm worried about seeing in the MCU again and that's Daniel Cudmore's iteration of the character.

It's fair to say that Cudmore was severely underused in the original X-Men movies, in fact, that's why the character was recast in the Deadpool movies as director Tim Miller wanted to do a redesign of the character. However, Marvel now has the chance to give Cudmore the chance to see his Colussus fully realized within the MCU and actually use the character in its main storytelling rather than leaving him on the sideline.

6. Adan Canto’s Sunspot

Wait, Sunspot was in the X-Men movies? Why, yes, yes he was. Don't feel so hard on yourself for forgetting this though because Fox truly squandered away the character by opting to introduce him in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Sunspot was lost in the shuffle of the larger ensemble within the film and we never truly got to see him shine within the broader franchise.

Yes, we want to see the flashy, big-name X-Men heroes, but we also want to see equally amazing, just not as mainstream heroes also get their time in the sun. Getting to see Adan Canto revisit the character in the MCU would be such a treat for X-Men fans, and there needs to be room for more heroes such as Sunspot in Marvel's X-Men Universe.