7 X-Men that need to follow Beast into the MCU

The X-Men are clearly coming to the MCU and we have a list of legacy heroes from the 20th Century Fox movies who we want to see follow Kelsey Grammer's Beast into the MCU!
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4. Famke Janssen’s Jean Grey

When it comes to the Fox X-Men films, there were many iconic performances within the franchise including Famke Janssen’s run as Jean Grey.

Removing X-Men: The Last Stand from the equation, Janssen's Jean was such a standout in the franchise and perfectly brought Jean to life on the big screen. She commanded attention in every scene she appeared in which is what one should expect from a hero as strong and respected as Jean Grey.

As Marvel begins pulling in variants of the X-Men we knew from the Fox franchise, it is impossible to imagine Janssen not getting the opportunity to return alongside her former X-Men costars to reprise her role as Jean. Just imagine the possibilities of getting to see Janssen playing opposite some of the MCU's biggest names or getting to finally dawn a more comic-accurate version of her character's signature blue and yellow costume?!

We know X-Men: Days of Future Past retconned the events of Last Stand, and we're ready to see a happy and thriving Jean in this new universe Marvel seems to be building which is home to the many X-Men heroes who once led the way in Fox's franchise. To not bring Janssen back would be a crime.