7 X-Men that need to follow Beast into the MCU

The X-Men are clearly coming to the MCU and we have a list of legacy heroes from the 20th Century Fox movies who we want to see follow Kelsey Grammer's Beast into the MCU!
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2. Halle Berry’s Storm

The thought alone of picturing Halle Berry back in the role of Storm, but this time within the MCU, is enough to make this fanboy giddy. Storm has always been one of my favorite X-Men heroes and Berry was a true standout in the original films.

Berry was perfectly cast in the role and delivered a standout performance, despite the scripts often failing her with underdeveloped plotlines and cringy dialogue. Storm was often overlooked by the franchise's love triangle between Wolverine, Cyclops, and Jean Grey and the movies often made her feel like an afterthought which is just downright shameful.

Storm is one of the most powerful heroes in the X-Men roster and is a respected leader not just on the team but at the Xavier School for Mutants. Yet we never got to see Storm given the respect she deserved in the X-Men movies.

Marvel can change that by giving Berry another chance to play Storm, but this time an iteration of the character who is more seasoned and respected by the teammates. And yes, if Marvel just so happens to be inspired to give Berry the chance to don one of Storm's iconic costumes such as her iconic white suit from X-Men: The Animated Series or black Uncanny X-Men suit we would not complain!