Yep, those eggs we saw on House of the Dragon are exactly the eggs you're thinking of

Rhaena Targaryen and her dragon, Tyraxes, take Rhaenyra's children and some precious cargo: four dragon eggs. Three of these eggs are familiar, bearing the same colors as those gifted to Daenerys by Illyrio Mopatis in Game of Thrones.
House of the Dragon season 2
House of the Dragon season 2 /

Your eyes were not tricking you - those eggs we saw on last night's episode are a smidge familiar to us for a reason.

In last night's House of the Dragon episode, "The Burning Mill", we witnessed something that had Game of Thrones aficionados buzzing like a swarm of bees around a honey pot. We're talking about dragon eggs – not just any dragon eggs, but Daenerys' very own dragon eggs. Yep, you read that right.

Now, let’s break down how this change is causing waves, tickling some fans’ fancy while making others roll their eyes in sheer exasperation. As usual, heed the SPOILER WARNING.

The egg-citing revelation

In the latest episode, we see Rhaenyra Targaryen, our fierce dragon queen, sending her youngest kiddos off to the Vale for their safety in a scene that made me break down as I imagined myself sending my children away, not knowing when I'd see them again. Tagging along with them are Rhaena Targaryen and her dragon, Tyraxes, and some precious cargo: four dragon eggs. Three of these eggs are familiar, bearing the same colors as those gifted to Daenerys by Illyrio Mopatis in Game of Thrones. I'm talking gold, green, and that iconic reddish-black.

According to Mashable, the director, Geeta Vasant Patel, dropped the bomb confirming that these are indeed Daenerys’ future dragon eggs. Say what?!

This nifty nugget has all the signs of extreme fan service, but hey, let’s delve deeper.

If you’ve read George R.R. Martin’s Fire & Blood, you know that Dany’s eggs were supposed to have a different backstory. They were snatched by Elissa Farman, who stole them from Dragonstone during Jaehaerys I’s reign. She sold them in Braavos and used the gold for more seafaring shenanigans. The book leaves a lot to the imagination, hinting that these eggs got passed around like a regifted fruitcake before ending up with Daenerys.

House of the Dragon, however, decided to shake things up a bit. Instead of having these eggs go on a centuries-long journey, they’re now under the watchful eye of Rhaena Targaryen. This tweak does feel like an attempt to tie the series closer to Game of Thrones, ensuring that the TV universe stays interconnected. But is this just pandering to fans, or is there some method to this madness?

Rhaena Targaryen’s involvement with these eggs actually makes some sense within the show’s narrative. In Fire & Blood, Rhaena took three eggs with her to the Vale, and one of them eventually hatched into her dragon, Morning. So, adding a fourth egg isn’t entirely outlandish. But how do these eggs make their way from the Vale to Essos? Will Rhaena channel her inner Elissa Farman and sail them off to a new destiny? Or will there be another twist in the tale?

Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones /

Extreme fan service or clever continuity?

Yes, the move screams fan service – like, “Hey, remember Daenerys? Well, here’s a little something to remind you of her!” But let’s be fair. House of the Dragon is trying to carve out its own space while still paying homage to its predecessor. By weaving in elements familiar to Game of Thrones fans, the showrunners are building a cohesive universe that feels connected. Imagine if they decided to follow the book to the letter and waited for a Jaehaerys the Conciliator spin-off to explain the eggs’ journey. Given the sheer number of Aegons, Rhaenas, and other Targaryen relatives floating around, the decision to streamline some of these backstories for TV makes a bit of sense. Plus, it does give Rhaena and her twin sister, Baela, more screen time and development, which is never a bad thing.

Thematically, Rhaena safeguarding these eggs ties neatly into the Targaryen legacy of dragon riding. Even as the Dance of the Dragons looms, these eggs symbolize hope for the future. Knowing that they eventually end up with Daenerys, who plays such a pivotal role in Game of Thrones, adds a comforting sense of continuity. However, it does make you wonder what the future holds for Rhaena. Will she follow the Elissa Farman route and set off on adventures of her own? Or will the writers surprise us with another twist, swapping around our expectations in true Targaryen style?

House of the Dragon’s decision to reassign the origin of Daenerys’ dragon eggs is a bold move. While it may seem like extreme fan service, it also offers a chance to create a richer, more interconnected narrative. The show’s willingness to play around with the lore, while potentially irking some purists, ultimately makes for compelling television.

This is yet another reminder to keep our eyes peeled for more egg-cellent twists and turns in this dragon-filled saga. Who knows what other surprises the writers have in store?

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