Which DC Comics Character Will The Rock Be Playing In 2014?


When it comes to larger than life characters, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson pretty much has it nailed in real life. He’s one of the most famous WWE superstars of the last 20 years, and arguably of all time, and he’s found regular work as a Hollywood action movie headliner.

But apparently even The Rock can take things up another level. Johnson himself hit Twitter on New Year’s Eve to say he’s been talking to DC about working on… something.

Tantalizing, no? Until we hear more from the Great One or from DC, any project he might be attached to is pure speculation.

MTV’s Splash Page weighed in with a few guesses this morning. The “Man of Steel” sequel seems especially ripe for a Rock appearance since all indications are that it’s turning into a launching pad for a Justice League film or franchise.

It could also be something we just haven’t heard about yet. “Dark Knight” flicks aside, Marvel has taken a commanding lead when it comes to bringing its super heroes to the big screen, and DC has to be anxious to make it more of a two-horse face. Johnson has enough star power and name recognition to attract attention to any movie he’s in, so it could be that he’ll end up taking top billing in something we haven’t even heard about yet.

Until then, here’s a free suggestion for DC: make him Black Lightning. He is the “Most Electrifying Man in Entertainment” after all.


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